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Simplify Your Book-Writing Process with a Book Style Guide

Are you in the process of writing a book? Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, a Book Style Guide can help streamline the writing process for you. Click here if you want to make the process easier for yourself.


Here’s what past workshop participants have said:


I just wanted to let you know that your [Book Style Guide] class was terrific. It reminded me of things I’d forgotten and taught me things I wasn’t aware of. ~ Marilyn Bostick


My suspicion is that the quality of an online course is directly related to the quality of preparation and contribution the instructor puts into it, and Bernadette’s was superior in all regards. ~ Shela T.


Bernadette is a gifted teacher: a careful and thoughtful reader, an imaginative creator of assignments that seduce you into writing with freshness and new vision. ~ Deborah H.


Bernadette is a fine teacher who was immediately accessible when I encountered a few minor technical glitches. The exercises/assignments were interesting, relevant, useful, and often humorous. Highly recommended! ~ Tom A.


The course material was engaging and the feedback Bernadette provided on the assignments was specific and helpful.  ~M. Shannon Hernandez, Author, Speaker & World-Traveler


Bernadette was a wonderful and inspiring teacher; even on the internet she really connected with and brought together a vibrant writing community—not the case with all online writing workshops. ~ Laurie S.