Does Your Website Sound Like You?

A recent client came to me because she wanted to redo her websites in English. One of the problems she told me about was the fact that her clients love her, but after getting to know her, they say: “You know, your website sounds nothing like you…”

Then, I was being interviewed for a podcast, and the host told me she gets the same reaction.

This got me to thinking about how the “voice” of your website works for or against you when you’re reaching out to your ideal client.

How do you stand out? How do you connect with your website visitors? Continue reading

Don’t Wait Til Pigs Fly

I had a great conversation with Nancy Becher, Business Strategist and host of the “Don’t Wait Til Pigs Fly” podcast. In this episode, we talked all about the importance of consistency – not just in branding, but in everything you do.

We also talked about things people need to know when hiring a copywriter to help them with business texts. Continue reading

My Website Has a Hero Space?

Take a look at the home page of your website, or at the home page of any website you visit regularly – perhaps this website, or your favorite restaurant, etc. What’s the first thing you see?

What you are looking at is frequently referred to as the website’s ‘hero space.’ The hero space is that large section that fills the top of the home page when someone lands on your website. Often, the hero space consists of the single, prominent ‘hero image’ – a graphic that has only a few seconds to influence your visitor into checking out more about you, responding to a call-to-action, or hitting the ‘back’ button to look at a different site.

What is your website doing with its hero space? Are you making the most of it to immediately engage your visitor?

Let’s take a quick look at 6 things to consider when deciding the best way to use your hero space. Continue reading

Updating Websites: Why I’m Like the Barber with Unruly Hair

You know how it goes – you set up a website when you start your business, and then you get on with your business. As someone who has founded and managed many websites over the years, I know how easy it is to forget to update links and content on a regular basis!

BarberShop2Every barber – even the best of them – has to get his or her own hair cut sometimes. It is exactly the same with me – sometimes my hair (um, I mean, my website) just gets out of control, or starts to look outdated.

Over the years, I’ve worked on dozens of websites – from writing to editing to complete rewrites – for clients and employers (as well as a few of my own sites). I understand how important it is for small businesses, nonprofits, and solopreneurs to be sure their websites are working to attract customers – not repel them.

It’s usually when I notice a problem on a client’s website that I am reminded to take a look at my own. I start thinking to myself “Hmmm, I should really have X on my home page,” or “Why didn’t I notice how cluttered my Y page had become?”

To stick with the barber analogy, here are three easy fixes for your unruly hair website. Continue reading