Things I’ve Learned from Podcasts – #4

Welcome to the fourth in my series of blog posts presenting my takeaways from podcasts I’ve recently enjoyed. Now that this is becoming a regular feature of the blog — and I’ve run out of ways to say “Even more things I’ve learned…” — I’ve decided to simply number the series so readers can tell at-a-glance whether they’ve already read this post or not.

Here are two episodes I listened to recently, along with “my takeaways” from each.podcast_sm

1. The Startup Success Podcast – Episode 3.19: Hosts Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley talk about Bob’s Microconsulting venture.

My takeaways on to-do lists: While the discussion focused on startup founders and their incredibly long to-do lists, the tips I thought most valuable are applicable to anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed by the number of things on their to-do list. Bob advised taking a careful look at your to-do list and noting the 8-10 most important things that need to be accomplished. Continue reading