My New Book Is Available!

BrandingForBeginners.frontI’m excited to announce that my new book – Branding for Beginners: Why Consistency Is the Key to Creating and Maintaining a Brand Image – is now available at Amazon!

Consistency is the key to creating and maintaining a “Brand Image” for your business. But how can you stay consistent without guidelines for how to refer to your business in all of your content? Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned from Podcasts – #8

Here’s another installment in my series of posts about podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently, along with “my takeaways” from each.

Happier, with Gretchen Rubin, Episode 68 – “How to Be On Time”

My Takeaways:

Being on time: People are either always late or always on time. If you are always late, what can you do?

timeBegin by asking “Why are you late?” Do you sleep in because you’re exhausted? Are you just trying to get that one last thing done before you leave? If it’s the latter, try thinking in terms of “What will I do as soon as I get there?” That gives you an incentive to get there early or on time. Make it something that’s pulling you toward your destination, instead of keeping you from leaving. Continue reading