Report from Startup Safary Berlin 2015 – Part 1

Startup Safary grew out of a project started in Berlin in 2012 by Maciek Laskus and Clarissa Steinhöfel. As the Startup Safary project turned into a full-time gig, the two founders formed a company in January 2014. The goal of the Safary is to bring together the multitude of startup ecosystems in a multi-day event that allows folks to visit startup businesses, accelerators, venture capital providers, incubators, co-working spaces, and other related ventures.

The international efforts continue to expand, and Startup Safary now organizes annual events in several locations, including Bulgaria, Poland, and Greece. They are always looking for additional cities that want to have Startup Safary events. Continue reading

How about a date?

Dates are one of the most crucial pieces of information that many websites and business marketing materials tend to omit.

The Top 5 Business Marketing Materials that Should Always Include a Calendar Date

1. Publications. All reports and published pamphlets or books should include a date of publication on the title page. This is especially important for industry reports that may be compared year-to-year, or which may be referenced by Calendarresearchers. A business or industry report is useless to anyone reading it if they cannot tell how current the information is.

2. Press releases. It is of little use to issue a press release on your web site if a potential customer or client (or a reporter!) cannot tell when the news was announced. Great! You opened a new division! Oh, wait, that was how many years ago? Continue reading