What I Learned Recently from Podcast Episodes

I find podcasts to be great not only for fun or inspiration, but also to gain ideas and insights. I listen to podcasts when exercising, eating lunch, or making dinner, and when traveling on long bus trips or flights.podcast_sm

There are thousands of podcasts available to listen to, on any topic you can imagine. I’m starting a new occasional series for my blog that will highlight my takeaways from podcasts I’ve recently enjoyed.

I won’t be reviewing podcasts in the way that book reviewers or film reviewers discuss what they liked or didn’t like about a particular podcast. It is my goal simply to share a few valuable bites of knowledge or insight that I gained.

Here are three episodes I listened to recently.


  1. From Scratch: A Show about the Entrepreneurial Life – In this episode, host Jessica Harris interviews Peter Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE Foundation.

My takeaways:

Diamantis recounted that, with his business to manufacture inexpensive launch vehicles, he and his team were “never able to capitalize the company fully” and ended up selling it off.  Following that disappointment, Diamantis was trying to finish getting his pilot’s license. A friend of his gave him a copy of Charles Lindberg’s biography to inspire him to finish the process.

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How Copy Editing and Branding Go Hand-in-Hand

When you are establishing and maintaining a brand identity for your business, you need to pay close attention to your text across all of your digital and physical marketing materials. Consistency is of utmost importance in making sure potential customers have a clear understanding of your brand.

brands-floodAs a copy editor, I’ve seen the common problems small businesses have when they are trying to establish their brand identity and gain recognition among potential customers. But it’s not just small businesses that have problems maintaining consistency in their business marketing materials. Every established business goes through staff changes – and when staff changes, it may take new employees a little time to memorize the branding identity manual carefully crafted by their new employer.

This is why it’s crucial to have a good copy editor review your materials. Here are the key branding elements I focus on when I am copy editing for businesses. If you have a copy editor on staff, they need to ensure the consistency of these elements.

1 – Consistency in references to your company name.

Every person in your company – especially every person on your marketing team (including the interns who post on your social media channels) – needs to know the rules for spelling, punctuating, formatting, and capitalizing your company’s full name and common name. Even if they do know the rules, mistakes happen, and this is where having a copy editor review your website and brochure text can help.

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What is LinkedIn Telling Your Connections about You?

LinkedIn — the social networking tool for professionals — introduced a feature in 2015, called Mentioned in the News. LinkedIn’s tool searches for online articles and matches names found with names of people with LinkedIn profiles. If your name is found in an online article, LinkedIn sends a note to your connections, with a brief summary and a link if you want to read the full article online.

In a recent Mentioned in the News email, I also received a link to an article that mentioned the wife of one of my connections. That same email included a link to an article with an unfavorable mention of another of my connections. Continue reading