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Let’s figure out how to put the YOU in your website!

How do you connect with your website visitors? Do you sometimes fear that your website is better at turning customers away than at turning them into paying clients?

If you’re like most people, you set up your website when you first started your business and then forgot about it. It’s easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day of servicing your existing clients that you neglect your website.

I can help you give your website the attention it needs.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve also created a handy free download you might want to check out – 6 Simple Ways to Leverage Your Business Story to Connect with Your Ideal Client.

Whether you just need a quick checkup or a serious overhaul, I offer a few options for working with me.


Brand Consistency Checkup for Your Website (€159)

Website review and actionable tips via a written report, plus a 30-minute Zoom call to go over the tips.


“Putting the YOU in Your Website Text” 3-Month 1:1 Website Text Development Program (€1309)

3 months of support with exercises to get the words you need for your business website.

  • Month 1 – Leveraging Your Business History (weekly exercises/worksheets & 1-hr recorded Zoom call)
  • Month 2 – Branding and Your Ideal Customer (weekly exercises/worksheets & 1-hr recorded Zoom call)
  • Month 3 – Putting it all together (weekly exercises/worksheets & 1-hr recorded Zoom call for final questions)


“Copy Editor on Call” 6-Month Retainer (€357/month – €2142/6-month contract)

6 months of my editing services to give you quick feedback and revisions for texts, including

  • You get unlimited copy editing! – I will review any marketing materials (website texts, blog posts, flyers/handouts, brochures) for you with a <48-hour turnaround time (for texts <1500 words)
  • 2 one-hour calls per month to ask me anything about your texts, have me as a sparring & accountability partner, help with idea generation for marketing texts
  • Unlimited “ask me anything” email exchanges (responses within one business day)


Contact me so we can start a conversation.