Deck Check

“You can’t read the label from inside the bottle” as the saying goes. That’s why you need an outside perspective on your pitch deck or sales deck.

Small businesses and startups don’t always have someone with an MBA on staff with 25+ years of business experience.DeckCheckCost

Peter R. Geyer, MBA – an experienced business founder and consultant – will help you make sure your pitch deck is on point.

Maybe you already have funding, but now you’re reaching out to potential customers? Geyer can offer you honest feedback on your sales deck from an outside perspective before your first client pitches.

Your ideas are valuable, and they’re YOURS. He will gladly sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Drop him a line when you’re ready for him to check your deck!

* Average size of sales/pitch deck is 10-15 slides. Decks longer than 15 slides will incur additional charges. If you’re just starting on your pitch deck, read this informative post by Peter Geyer on the 5 essential things your pitch deck should say about you.