When you work with me, it’s the start of a conversation. My first draft is never my last draft. I work with you to make sure your words perfectly represent you and your business to potential customers.

No app can replace me!

No app can replace me web
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Sure, an app can check for typos or translate words, but can it:

  • ensure brand consistency?
  • localize your text for the American market?
  • create and follow a House Style Sheet?
  • point out that your font in the caption for Figure 1 is different than the font for the caption for Figure 2?
  • tell you that your main character’s eye color changed between chapters 1 and 7 of your novel manuscript?


For Startups, Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs, and Small BusinessesI make your message clear AND compelling, while solving a big staffing problem. You may not need someone with my skills full-time, but I’m here for you when you need a native English speaker to copy edit your marketing materials and business content. (See portfolio)

For Creatives and PublishersI work with writers and literary publishers as a “final pair of eyes” to copy edit a manuscript so that they can feel more assured about the quality of their books. I can also help authors create a Book Style Guide to simplify their book-writing process. (See portfolio)


For Small Businesses, Nonprofits, Coaches, and Speakers: No matter if it’s a website, a blog post, a press release, or other marketing materials, I bring together 20+ years of marketing and creative writing experience to help you say what needs to be said in a way that people will enjoy reading. (Portfolio coming soon)


Want to reach English-speaking markets or customers?

I am a native English-speaking translator in Berlin, working with German small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, startups, and professional speakers who want to reach English-speaking markets and customers. I offer German-to-English translation for websites, business books, blog posts, speeches and presentations, marketing materials, workshop handouts, and more. (View my portfolio.)


Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs: We know you’re busy running your company and servicing clients!

Peter R. Geyer is an experienced business founder and consultant who can put together a business plan for your business, while you continue doing the work that puts money in the bank for you.

He knows that small businesses and startups don’t always have someone with an MBA on staff with 25+ years of business experience. That’s why he will work with you to put your business goals into an actionable business plan. Need a business plan in order to apply for business loans or grants? Contact us.

Peter also reviews your pitch/sales decks so you can make the most of your meetings with potential investors or clients.

Contact us for more details or to set up a call to talk about your needs.