The #1 Way to Get Your Article Published

Whether you are a freelance writer or marketing a business, you will no doubt spend a lot of time pitching articles to publications. Book coach Deborah Ager interviewed me about the process and in this video, I offer my #1 tip for getting your article published.

Check it out below…

Mastering Presence: The #1 Way to Get Your Next Article Published from Deborah Ager on Vimeo.

How to Be Properly Possessive

I know I’ll never be able to rival Grammar Girl’s fabulous blog, but I do like to occasionally post my own tips for those who are writing their own content.

One of the biggest problems I see when I copy edit is the confusion as to when “its” should be used and when “their” is more appropriate.

“Its” as a possessive is used for singular nouns, while “their” is used for plural nouns. What is the word company? Singular or plural? Singular – so the correct pronoun to use is “it,” meaning the correct possessive word to use will be “its.” Continue reading

How I Get to Know My Client’s Unique Voice

Do you remember when the theatrical show STOMP hit the scene in the early ‘90s and – suddenly – every advertisement had the same percussive stomping audio track? No matter whether it was cars or sports shoes (maybe even bathroom cleaner?), for a while there, it seemed like one advertising agency was using the same ad format and sound for all of its clients.

For businesses that create content for other businesses, how do you avoid having all of your clients’ materials sound exactly the same? Continue reading