Working with Me: What should you expect?

The Process: Retaining Your Voice

When you work with me, it’s the start of a conversation. My first draft is never my last draft. I work with you to make sure your words perfectly represent you and your business to potential customers. I try my best to keep your voice in your texts as I work on either copy editing or translating them.

Copy Editing / Proofreading

I will review your texts to make sure they convey the message you want to convey to your readers. I will comment on sections that are unclear, and can make revisions using Track Changes (MS Word) or as Suggestions (Google Docs), if desired. When changes or corrections don’t look right to you, please let me know if I have misinterpreted your meaning. I am always at-the-ready to revisit a text so that you are satisfied.

Translation / Transcreation

When I translate your texts from German into English, I provide you with a first draft for discussion. Because texts often have multiple meanings or nuances, we can discuss how I can revise the texts in the 2nd round draft to better meet your specific meaning. In cases where idioms are used, I typically try to find an equivalent English-language idiom that suits your intent.

Work Samples

You can find examples of projects I have worked on in my copy editing portfolio and translation portfolio. If you would like me to work on a small sample from a project so you can see how I work, you will be charged normal rates for the sample. If you like how we work together, I can roll the cost of the sample project into your larger project. If you don’t like the way I work, you simply pay for the small sample and then find someone else for the larger project.