About Us

I’m Bernadette Geyer and I like to play with words.Bernie-leisepark

I founded Geyer Editorial in 2006 to help solopreneurs, coaches, and small business owners who are unsure about their writing skills in English. If English is not your mother-tongue, but you want to market your products or services to English-speaking customers or clients – you’ll find me to be a great collaborator and sparring partner.

I bring more than 20 years of marketing and publishing experience to my writing and editing, so that you can be sure your website, marketing materials, blog posts, and social media posts are clear, concise, and compelling. I also work to keep your texts consistent – so you can establish and maintain your brand image.


In 2013, my family jumped ponds by moving to Germany and I added business translation services to my list of freelance offerings for clients.

In 2019, my husband, Peter – who has an MBA from The George Washington University along with 20+ years experience as a business founder and consultant – became a partner of Geyer Editorial and has been helping businesses with business plans, pitch decks, and sales decks.

We are both great fans of the Oxford comma. =)

Feel free to check out Bernadette’s LinkedIn profile and Peter’s LinkedIn profile and connect with us there.

Contact us to start the conversation about how we can help you, so that you can go about your business taking care of your customers!

Note: Some links to Amazon on this website are affiliate links. I earn a commission on purchases you make using these links.

Bernadette is also a creative writer with a couple of books under her belt, as well as many published articles, essays, and poems. She’s served on editorial boards of publishers and literary magazines, so she knows the industry from both sides of the publishing process. You can find links to her creative books and published prose, poetry, and literary translations at http://www.bernadettegeyer.com.

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