Before You Promote Your Event on Instagram…

I’ve been hanging out on Instagram a lot more lately (follow me here!), and I’ve noticed a big problem that small businesses and coaches are running into with event promotions – especially since so many people are now hosting online events.

Due to Instagram’s algorithm, you can’t be sure that your event announcement will be seen before your event happens! Your followers have no ability to see posts in chronological order, as they can with Facebook (the Most Recent option for the Newsfeed), Twitter (option to “See Latest Tweets first”), or LinkedIn (option for “Recent” instead of “Top”).

Take a look at your own Instagram feed. You’ll sometimes see several posts in a row by a single account, but those posts can be one, two, or even three days old. This is how your posts are showing in the feeds of others. If you’re using Instagram to announce events on the day they are going to happen or one day in advance, chances are that many of your followers won’t see your promotion until it’s too late to join the event.

There are measures you can take to ensure that people have a chance to see the announcement about your event ahead of time, so they can put it on their calendar or register to attend.

Don’t wait until the last-minute to mention it

Be sure to make the first announcement about upcoming events at least 3 days in advance, to make sure your Instagram post is seen.

Post multiple times

Post once on Instagram about a week out from the event, and then one more time closer to the event. The follow-up announcement can be less than 3 days out from the event. Be sure to post other things to Instagram in between, so that your account doesn’t look like it’s all about promoting this one event.

Share event announcements to your Instagram Story

You can even share to your Story on a daily basis, so that you’re not filling your account with promotional images of the same event. Sharing an event announcement to your Story ensures that it shows up for your followers the day you share it (unless someone has muted your Stories).

Always use hashtags

People follow hashtags. Using the appropriate hashtag for your post can get your event announcement noticed by people who don’t already follow you.

Not all of your followers will be flexible enough to spontaneously decide to join an event – even if it is online. Make sure people have enough advance notice using the tips above, and you’ll increase the potential number of participants.