Why Did You Do That?

Our daughter plays ice hockey. Sometimes, we notice her doing something that seems out of the ordinary and we’ll ask her about it.

For example, after one game, we asked her why she was staying so far back by the blue line when the play was deep in her team’s offensive zone. She told us the coach specifically said that he needed her to hang back and hold the blue line, because her defensive partner liked to “go on excursions.”

We said, “Oh, okay. That makes sense.” If she had replied to our question with something like, “Um. I don’t know. That’s just where I was,” we would have been a bit more concerned.

The same thing holds true for what you do to drive your business.

Before you hit the “Post” button on Facebook or press “Send” in your email system, or “Publish” on your blog, ask yourself the following questions:

Why am I sending/publishing this specific piece of writing?

What purpose does this have for my business?

How will this draw people to my business, help others, or convert someone into a paying customer?

You should never answer “I don’t know” to any of the above questions. As to whether your answer turns out to be correct or not – that doesn’t matter. The point is: you need to make an honest effort to do things for a reason, to think about what you’re doing, and to be conscious about your business decisions.

One way to make sure what you’re doing is supporting your business is to refer to your business plan, because your business plan is your roadmap for how you want to operate and grow.

Don’t have a business plan? We can help.

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