Does Your Website Sound Like You?

A recent client came to me because she wanted to redo her websites in English. One of the problems she told me about was the fact that her clients love her, but after getting to know her, they say: “You know, your website sounds nothing like you…”

Then, I was being interviewed for a podcast, and the host told me she gets the same reaction.

This got me to thinking about how the “voice” of your website works for or against you when you’re reaching out to your ideal client.

How do you stand out? How do you connect with your website visitors?

As I worked with my client on her website texts, we started by first going through the history of how she founded her business, what her mission was, and why she runs her business the way she does. I saw how well words and phrases of this story could be extracted and used on her website.

Leverage-Your-Business-Story-CoverI decided to create a resource for others that would help them understand how to use their business story to truly connect with their ideal client in their website texts and other marketing materials.

So I am outrageously excited to share with you my new free downloadable PDF – 6 Simple Ways to Leverage Your Business Story to Connect with Your Ideal Client.

If you’ve ever worried that your website and marketing materials don’t sound like you, these tips are for you!

I’m also putting together a 3-month coaching program so you can “Put the YOU in Your Website.” Stay tuned for more details. =)