Websites vs. Online Portfolios for Clips

I wrote the featured article for the 29 November 2019 issue of Funds for Writers, published weekly by Hope Clark, in which I talk about the various options that exist for freelance writers and journalists who want to have an online portfolio of past projects to show to editors. Below is a short excerpt.


Freelance writers are typically asked to provide clips of previous publications when they pitch articles to a new publication. No matter if it’s for a print or online magazine, the editor wants to see that you have a good track record and to check out your writing style.

Published writers should always have a selection of clips on hand to provide to potential publishers. With the wealth of online media, it’s likely that you have a list (somewhere?) of articles you’ve published and links to their online versions. But is that list accessible somewhere for publishers so they can scan through the list themselves and not be limited to the few examples you provided to them in your pitch cover letter?

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