Every Big Project Starts with an Idea

The entire city of Berlin is like one big construction zone. Everywhere you look, buildings are in some stage of going up or being renovated. It seems that the scaffolding will never go away.

Every big project starts with an idea. Then, perhaps the terror at thinking about all the steps it will take and the amount of time that needs to be invested.

It’s easy to let the scope of a project overwhelm you so much that you never get started.

This month, I’m working with colleagues on massive renovations to websites. Yes, the scope of rethinking, restructuring, and redesigning a website from the user’s perspective is daunting. We’ve taken the first steps. We’re in motion.

For one project, we thought about what information should be on the home page. An important thing to remember when you’re looking to re-do your website is this: Just because something is on your home page at this moment doesn’t mean that’s the right place for it, or that it should just stay there. Maybe it doesn’t belong on your website at all – home page or any page.

For another project, we are planning a workshop to look at three different websites, with three different business focuses, three different target markets, and three different branding needs. We need to figure out what services belong to which website and map out the tone and key messaging for each.

These are all big projects and very exciting ones. One step at a time, and eventually we will reach the end. The most important step is just taking the first step.