Branding for Beginners: A workshop and a book

This fall is all about the topic of branding for me. I had previously offered an online workshop, The No Time Guide to a Brand Style Guide, but I decided that I wanted to turn that online workshop into both an in-person workshop, as well as a book!

On 14 September 2018, from 10:00-noon, I will lead an in-person workshop called “Branding for Beginners” in Berlin, Germany. Full details can be found at this link.

My forthcoming book will also be called Branding for Beginners and will be based on the workshop and its easy-to-use template, which can be filled out step by step as you read the book. I’ve got all of the jacket blurbs from my beta readers, and I’ve made adjustments to the text based on their feedback. More details to come…

So that’s what’s been keeping me busy for the past several months. That, and a new part-time job as Head of Marketing for a Berlin-based nonprofit. Yes, one of the first things I did for them was to start creating a Brand Style Guide.

Photo of Bernadette Geyer by Irina Nikolovska for u/skillity