Before You Share Old Blog Posts, Do This

We’ve written before about the importance of re-sharing old blog posts to make sure you get enough mileage out of them. Of course, it’s a waste to work hard on something for several hours – or even days – and then forget about it once it’s been posted.

However, it’s important to remember that you can’t just repost links to your old blog posts without rereading them. Sometimes a typo will be missed in the initial post that you’ll be better able to catch after several weeks or months.

Aside from typos, here are four other things you should look for before re-sharing that old blog post.

1 – Make sure links still function.

We all know how frustrating it is to click on an interesting link, only to see the dreaded “404 – Page not found” message when we get there. Websites change frequently, so you need to make sure that all of the links you refer to in your blog post are still pointing to the right pages on the internet.

2 – Update company logos.

In May 2016, Instagram changed its logo. If you wrote a blog post before then and included that logo, your blog post will be instantly identifiable as being “old news.” Considering how fast social media platforms change their features and functionality, articles that are almost two years old will be considered outdated. This leads to the next thing to watch out for…

3 – Confirm usefulness of how-to instructions.

If your blog post is instructional, make sure the instructions are still valid! This is especially true if, for example, you are telling people how to do something on a website, blog platform, or social media platform. These steps change frequently. Facebook loves to hide, and re-hide, privacy and notification settings. Before you repost instructions, go through and perform the steps exactly as you describe them to make sure your readers won’t end up frustrated.

4 – Check names and companies.

People sometimes leave one company and take a job with another company. Sometimes people change the name of their company. Sometimes, people get married and change their names. If you’re quoting someone, you should check online to see if the person’s details are the same.

Nothing is evergreen on the internet. The above steps will at least help you stay relevant to your readers – and attract new ones – as you reuse old content.

Before You Share Old Blog Posts