For Event Promoters: A simple fix to prevent wasted time and energy

As part of our business, we also manage blogs for clients. To create new content for these blogs, we often have to research events using websites and social media. A big waste of time occurs when an event listing contains no information about whether there is an entrance price for the event.

IMG_7867When we need to find out whether or not there is an entrance fee, and if so, how much it costs, we usually have to contact the event organizers or the exhibition hosts. If we are doing research during normal business hours, we can typically call them. If we’re researching outside of normal business hours, we have to send an email, or message them on their Facebook page.

Either way, it takes time for us to contact them. On their end, the person answering the phone or responding to emails has to take the time to reply with the information we need.

We’re sure we’re not the only ones contacting the organization for this information. How many attendees are expected? Does an event organizer really want staff members’ valuable time taken up responding to dozens of emails and phone calls asking the same question? Is that a good use of that person’s time?

IMG_2401The Simple Fix

Whether your exhibit, performance, lecture, workshop, or show is free or has a cost, ALWAYS include that information on your website and promotional materials (including your Facebook Event listing!).

It’s a simple fix that will actually save you and your staff from having to respond to emails, phone calls, and social media messages from potential attendees asking you whether or not there is a cost, and if so, how much.

Make It Easy for Potential Attendees to Actually Attend

Here’s a simple list of the information you need to provide on your website, your Facebook Event listing, and any press releases or blog & social media posts about your event:

  • Cost
  • Date(s)
  • Times
  • Location address
  • Map (necessary if your event is being held in only one small section of a larger venue or location)

Anyone hosting an event appreciates a packed house. Don’t add extra steps for your potential attendees, and don’t needlessly create extra work for your staff.

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