How to Skip Facebook’s Algorithm and See Posts from All the Friends and Pages that Are Important to You

Are you frustrated that your Facebook Newsfeed doesn’t show you posts from the Friends and Pages that you actually want to see posts from? Facebook likes to think its algorithm knows what you want to see, but I know that it doesn’t.

If you want to make sure you are seeing posts by specific Friends and Pages, you can easily set up a Friend List. In case you did not realize it, Friend Lists can actually include Pages. (Bonus: you don’t see ads or suggested posts in the Newsfeed for this list!)

How to set up a Friend List

  1. Click the “Friend Lists” link on the left sidebar of your home page.


  1. Click the “Create List” button.


  1. Name your list and add one or two Friends just to get the list started, then click the Create button at bottom right. Now you can edit it to add more Friends and Pages.


  1. Now you can see the list, showing posts by the one or two Friends you added. Click the drop-down menu for “Manage List” in the top right corner, and select the option to “Edit List”.


  1. Click the drop-down selector at top left and choose “Pages” to add pages to this list, “Friends” to add friends, or “Following” to add those you are following.


  1. Scroll through the lists of Friends and Pages that you see (note: the Pages you see listed are all the Facebook Pages that you currently like!) and click on them to add them to this Inspiration list. When you have finished adding everyone you want to add, click Finish.


  1. Enjoy your customized Facebook Newsfeed!

How to access a Friend List from your mobile phone

Accessing your new Friend List from your mobile phone is easy (iPhone Facebook app).

  • Click on the “three lines” icon at lower right in the Facebook app.


  • Scroll down until you see “Feeds” and click on it. Then look for the name of the Friend List you created.


That’s it!

Be sure to add Geyer Editorial’s Facebook Page to your Friend List so that you don’t miss any tips to help you with your business.

As a copy editor and translator, Bernadette Geyer helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives expand their reach through clear, concise, and compelling copy in English, so that they can attract more customers with consistent and memorable marketing content. Her “Rule Your Digital Domain” service helps businesses make sure their website and social media profiles are working to attract more customers. You can see her full list of services here.

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