How to Be Properly Possessive

We know we’ll never be able to rival Grammar Girl’s fabulous blog, but we do like to occasionally post our own tips for those who are writing their own content.

One of the biggest problems we see when we copy edit is the confusion as to when “its” should be used and when “their” is more appropriate.

“Its” as a possessive is used for singular nouns, while “their” is used for plural nouns. Is the word “company” singular or plural? It’s singular – so the correct pronoun to use is “it,” meaning the correct possessive word to use will be “its.”

Now consider the word “directors.” Plural, right? Therefore, the correct possessive pronoun to use would be “their.”

The biggest problem is with what are called “collective nouns,” such as Board of Directors, Staff, or Audience. If the members of the collective noun are being treated as individuals, then you use “their,” as in “The staff received their paychecks.”

However, if the members of the collective noun are being referred to as a single unit, you should use “its,” as in “The Board of Directors issued its statement on first quarter losses.”

We hope this helps clarify the differences for you, in case you had some uncertainty.

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