Things Small Businesses Can Learn from Street Artists about Standing Out on Social Media

It’s a noisy marketplace out there on social media. When you post on Facebook or Twitter, it can seem like a leaf falling in a forest. Yours is just one among thousands of posts happening across the internet at any given moment.

How do you stand out?

Graffiti and street artists have a similar problem, so there are some great tips we can learn from them to help us stand out on social media.

1. Don’t just look like everyone else

Have a distinct look to your graphics so that when someone sees your image, they automatically think of you.

She Is Gone, by El Bocho

2. Have a key message – and repeat it

You want your message to be as recognized as your image. Have a clear and concise key message and get it out there – everywhere. Repeat it until your potential customers can quote it by heart.

3. Consider unusual spaces

This is my favorite tip. When everyone is posting in the same spaces at the same time, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and have your message disappear beneath a multitude of posts that come after it. Sometimes you have to consider posting in unusual spaces – or at unusual times – so that you won’t get lost among the clutter.

Getting yourself known as a street artist or graffiti artist is no mean feat; however, there are standouts, and they use the same exact resources as everyone else – paint and a wall. What makes them stand out is HOW they use those resources. The above tips should help you get noticed and help YOU stand out among all the others who are leaving their own marks.

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Tips from Street Artists

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