The Call-to-Action: What is it and why do you need to use one?

So, your blog post or newsletter article has really inspired your potential customer. Is that all you want your blog post to do? What’s next? Are you just going to leave them hanging there? What do you want them to do now?

Every blog post or newsletter article you write, every advertisement you create – and probably almost everything you generate to reach out to your potential customers – should have some sort of a “Call-to-Action” (aka CTA).

What is a Call-to-Action? It is just what it sounds like – it’s an invitation to the reader or viewer to take some sort of action.

Common actions a CTA is used for:

  • Buy a product or service
  • Call for more information or to set up an appointment
  • Visit a website
  • Download a free template/resource/ebook
  • Donate to a charity
  • Sign up for a newsletter or VIP email list

Examples of CTAs on Social Media

Some CTAs are more about increasing interaction with fans and followers on social media. Here are examples that you can start using today:

  • “Share a post on Facebook”
  • “Let us know in the comments what you think about X topic”
  • “Post a photo on Instagram and hashtag our business name”
  • “Comment on this video in the section below”
  • “Subscribe to my YouTube Channel”
  • “Email us with your questions”
  • “Tweet at us with your tips”

A Call-to-Action is great for engaging with the public. Whether you are a business looking for customers or a creative writer looking for readers – you are missing out if you are not including CTAs in the texts you use to reach out to the public.

Have you seen a really effective CTA? What was it? What is the worst CTA you have seen?

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