What’s in Your Email Signature?

LaptopWhen people think about copy and text, they typically think about longer documents, such as website pages and blog posts. Social media posts may spring to mind, too. But there are smaller snippets of copy that are just as important.

Think about your email signature, for instance. Do you have one? If so, what information does it include? Could it be more effective?

Email signatures for businesses and entrepreneurs

Business owners and entrepreneurs can use their email signatures for:

  • linking to their website
  • showcasing latest products or services
  • announcing upcoming events, seminars/webinars, or workshops
  • promote your newsletter to get more signups
  • highlighting a business book

Email signatures for creative writers

If you’re an author, you could use your email signature to:

  • direct people to your website or blog
  • remind people you have a book that was just published, or just won an award
  • link to your most recent online publication – be it poem, essay, or short story
  • note upcoming readings or other speaking events

You don’t necessarily want to have to change your email signature on a daily basis, so consider what types of emails you typically send, who you send them to, and what would be the most effective thing to note in your email signature.

What can you include in your email signature that you hadn’t thought of including before?