5 Successful Blog Post Starters

Many folks have trouble creating blog posts or newsletter articles to promote their businesses. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to get started. Your subject is there, but writing those first two paragraphs can often be the most difficult part of the blog writing process.

If you are in need of tips on how to start writing a blog post, here are five successful blog post starters to inspire you!

  1. The personal anecdote – Use something that happened to you as a launching point for a greater theme you want to address, related to your clients. Chances are, if it’s happened to you, it’s happened to them. For example, “Where to Get Blog Post Ideas,” leads off with our own experience in finding ideas for posts.

  1. Statement of a problem – What problems does your business try to resolve for its clients? Pick one and make a direct statement about the problem. Then offer up some tips to help them solve their problem. (Much like this post has done!)
  1. report-chartA statistic – Have you seen a recent report that offered a statistic or fact that you found compelling or important? Open with that and offer information about how your clients can address that issue.
  1. Turn a well-known saying on its head – Take an aphorism (An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a stitch in time saves nine, the early bird gets the worm, etc.) and tweak it by changing a word or part of it to grab your reader’s attention.
  1. A surprising fact – Did you know that the oceans contain enough salt to cover all the continents to a depth of nearly 500 feet? If you are a health coach, you could tie that fact into a blog post about sodium consumption!

Have fun with your blog posts and newsletter articles. If you don’t enjoy writing them, your readers probably won’t enjoy reading them. The above ideas should help you start your next blog post in a way that will both entertain and educate your readers!