Things I’ve Learned from Podcasts – #6

Here’s another installment in my series of posts about podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently, along with “my takeaways” from each.

The Accidental Creative Podcast – Todd Henry, “Overcoming Creative Roadblocks”

My takeaways: Henry relates the way a friend’s teacher described the process of a creative endeavor. It’s a U-shape, like standing atop a mountain and looking over at your goal, which is on top of the mountain across a valley. When you start on your journey, you can see your goal clearly. However, when you get down into the valley, that’s where things get thick, and it becomes easy to lose sight of the goal. Henry says the great lie we tell ourselves is that the hardest part of any creative project is getting started but, in reality, the hardest part is in the valley, where we are tested in the following ways.

  1. Paralysis due to fear.

What are you afraid of? Rejection? Being different? Loss of reputation? Loss of self-belief?

  1. Narratives.

Narratives by others that prevent us from acting in a meaningful way. Narratives that limit you, like “That’ll never work” or “That won’t fly here.”

  1. Inertia.

Falling back into habits. Ruts. If you want to do something you’ve never done before, you have to break out of ruts.

Here are questions to ask yourself to rethink your creative work and help you out of the valley.

  1. Which of the hurdles above might be holding you back from taking risks? How might they be limiting you? How did it affect your work?
  1. What is an upcoming project and what hurdles do you foresee? Are there hurdles you can predict, so that you can avert them ahead of time?
  1. As you consider the hurdle most likely to limit you, formulate a strategy for how you will confront that fear. Have a strategy in place, so that you’re ready when the hurdle arrives.

Create Your Own Life Podcast – Jeremy Ryan Slate Interviews Brett Campbell, “The Value of Authenticity”

My takeaways:  Campbell offered up many inspirational quotes about pursuing a business that you believe in, and that will allow you to be authentic in your marketing.

* In order to be your true authentic self, you can’t just copy a business model someone else has just because they’re making loads of money and you want to make loads of money, too. “You have to build a business around what you truly believe your prospect needs to achieve their outcome.”

* Campbell’s favorite quote: “Done is better than perfect.”

* “Think about who else you’re doing a disservice to by you not becoming the best version of yourself.”

One big tip regarding online businesses: “The only way you can scale fast with an online business is by investing in advertising.”

If you want to listen to the entire interviews on these podcast episodes, just click on the links I included.

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