I Have No Time for That: The Birth of an Idea

“I have NO TIME for that!”

As someone who’s led professional development workshops both online and in person for several years, I’ve heard this phrase frequently. Many participants knew they needed help developing certain skills, but they were unable to maintain a weekly course schedule. Laptops broke, children got sick, basements flooded, the flu hit, etc.

I realized I could offer the biggest benefit to professionals by creating online guides to provide the insights and information they needed, but which they could access and re-access at their convenience.

What My Research Found

As I researched online learning platforms to host the guides, I quickly discovered that many of the available courses covered sweeping, multi-topic, long-term objectives. In my experience, this type of course was very difficult for a small business owner, nonprofit manager, or single-parenting freelancer to stick with for the entire duration.

Another drawback I noticed with many of the online courses I saw was that they assumed a certain level of student knowledge of the lingo related to the course. From my experience, I learned that there are many small business owners and nonprofit managers starting near zero when it came to familiarity with the lingo of marketing – especially online marketing and social media.

Thus, the idea for the No Time Guide series was born.

Getting Started

I spent six months putting together the concept for the No Time Guide series. Each guide covers one topic, using minimal jargon or defining the terms used so that guide users understand every step along the way. Guides are specifically developed with the busy small business or nonprofit professional in mind.

I chose Thinkific as the host for the series because it offers the ability to start small and ramp up in the future. It doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge to use, and I can make the guides permanently accessible once a user enrolls — so they can review it in the future if they need a refresher.

Summer Launch and Future Plans

Brand Style Guide Course Card ImageThe first guide is now available – The No Time Guide to a Brand Style Guide – based on my experiences with small businesses and nonprofits trying to establish their image through their marketing materials. The guide includes a Brand Style Guide template you can fill out as you go through each of the ten audio presentations, which explain the sections of the template.

I’ve already brainstormed ideas for future guides, which will address websites, social media, and blogging – the trifecta of online ways to market a business or nonprofit.

Head over to http://notimeguide.com and get on the VIP list to find out when new guides are available. While you’re there, check out the “5 Benefits of a Brand Style Guide” and the Jargon Slayer tips and case studies on my blog.

Bernadette Geyer provides writing, copy editing, and translation services for small businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and writers. She also leads online workshops on a variety of topics for small businesses, nonprofits, and writers. Geyer likes being a small fish in a big pond, and enjoys helping others move to bigger ponds themselves. Subscribe to her monthly news from the big pond if you’re interested in professional growth.