You’ve Published Your Blog Post, Now What? – A Handy Checklist

MarienburgerPlatz.horizontalBlogging is one of the best ways to demonstrate your value to potential clients and to improve your position in search results. However, blogging takes effort. After you click publish, you want to make sure folks see it – and you want to extend its life beyond the hour and day that it is published.

How do you get the most traction from a blog post? Here are some ideas:

* Post a link to it from your social media channels, such as your Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

* Share it a few days later, at a different time of day, to reach a different set of eyes. Share it again a week later, at a different hour, to reach even more readers.

* Create a graphic with data or a quote from the blog post to share on social media. You can even create a PDF of several images to share on LinkedIn as a “slider” — which has become very popular.

* If you are in Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups, keep your eyes open for ways to share your blog posts as a way of adding to a larger conversation.

* If you read an article or blog post on another person’s page or site, consider if one of your own blog posts can contribute additional information or perspective on the topic. Mention the relevant details from your blog post as a useful addendum, then include a link to your own blog post in case others would like to read the entire piece.

One word of caution about posting your links as comments on other people’s posts, or inside Facebook or LinkedIn groups: Don’t abuse these tactics! Make sure what you are commenting on is relevant, otherwise you will risk being flagged as a spammer.

Click here to download a handy checklist you can use whenever you publish a blog post for your business.

You Published Your Blog Post Now What