Why I Will Never Call Myself a ‘Gig Worker’

I’ve read many articles heralding the growth of the ‘gig economy’ and every single time I see that term it makes me cringe. The truth is, I hate the term ‘gig economy’ and its partner term, ‘gig worker.’

BandBands play gigs. A gig is something short-term. You play a gig, and then you move on to the next gig.

But I will never call myself a gig worker. I am not working gigs. I am working with clients, and I prefer to create long-term relationships with my clients. I like working on multiple, recurring projects – NOT gigs – so that I get to know my clients’ businesses as thoroughly as any of their staff.

For some independent consultants and freelancers, what matters is how many small, easy, low-paying gigs they can do in a day, a week, a month. They’re going for quantity.

I have always preferred quality over quantity, which is why I prefer to work with a base of long-term clients who know they can rely on me to understand their needs because we’ve built a relationship.

Of course, I’ve worked with many clients who only needed me for one project. But they were never just gigs to me. I didn’t just go up on stage and play a standard set. I listened to their needs and worked to understand them as unique individuals.

If you’re looking for an independent consultant who will get to know your business and work with you on an as-needed basis as an extension of your staff — not someone who is just looking for a quick, easy gig — let’s talk.

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