Report from Startup Safary Berlin 2015 — Part 2

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The second of three events I attended through Startup Safary Berlin 2015 was held in the offices of Remerge, on Oranienburger Strasse in the Hackescher Markt neighborhood of Berlin.

Remerge, which launched in 2014 in Berlin, helps app developers re-engage users who may have gone inactive, by targeting those users through personalized ads or messages outside of the app – across more than 330,000 other apps.Remerge_App_Retargeting

The office event began with a brief overview of the origins of the company by co-founder and CEO Pan Katsukis. In his presentation, Katsukis referenced a blog post he wrote in 2014, as the company was acquiring seed funding – How We Raised $1M Seed Money in 5 Weeks in Berlin. In August 2015, Remerge announced a $3M Series A round, to support the opening of a San Francisco office.

While I enjoyed hearing about the history of the company itself, the presentation by co-founder and CTO Martin Karlsch really resonated with me. Karlsch recounted lessons learned from his experience with co-founding Remerge, as well as previous startups LiquidM and madvertise Mobile Advertising GmbH. Karlsch related the 5 Most Important Things when someone is building a startup:

  1. Team – Your team is the most important thing when you build a startup. Make sure you find the right people to work with.
  1. Focus – Do one thing really well.
  1. Execution – Your idea is only 0.5%-1% of the success of a company. Don’t waste time. You must execute your idea.
  1. Don’t Panic – About 90% of what other companies are announcing is all marketing. Don’t panic about what the competition is doing, or what they’re saying. Kolsch quoted a German saying “Andere kochen auch nur mit Wasser,” which translates to “Others are also only cooking with water.” Do your thing and don’t worry about the others.
  1. Keep Learning – Learn from everything you do. Experiment: with processes, with salary options, with transparency, with hiring methods, etc. Learn what works in which situations, for which types of businesses, which types of employees.
  1. (Bonus!) Have Fun – If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, all of the other things do not matter.

In my next blog post, I will cover the event I attended at Axel Springer Plug&Play Accelerator, which offers accelerator programs to startups.

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