Scheduling Social Media Posts to Increase Your Reach

Where are your Twitter followers? Your Facebook page Fans?

If you are in a different time zone than they are, you need to think about the timing of your posts in order to maximize the number of people who will be able to read them.SchedulingFB

Facebook pages allow you to schedule when your Status Update will be posted on the page, and made available for folks to read. In your Facebook page’s “Insights”, when you click on “Posts”, it shows you when your Fans are online, so that you can see the best time for posting.

For instance, if you see that most of your Fans are online between 15:00 and 23:00 your time, you know those are the best times to post to your page.

It’s the same with Twitter. If most of your Followers are checking their Twitter feeds when they wake up at 7:00, and then again around noon while they are eating lunch, you know those are good times to schedule a Tweet.

I have used both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to schedule Tweets, but there are many other good services, including Meet Edgar, SocialFlow, Buffer, and many others.

Keep a running list of Status Update or Tweet ideas, and update the list as ideas come to you. Don’t try to remember it later, or simply post it at a bad time just because you’re afraid you will forget it.

By scheduling your posts and Tweets, you can plan a whole week of social media outreach within a short time window, and then not have to worry about remembering  when (or what!) to  post later in the week.


Scheduling Social Media Posts