Reminder – Update Links in Your Marketing Materials

As I prepare to lead a new round of workshops in the fallNotFound, I am going through the course materials and checking to make sure all of the links still work, and still point to the articles and/or infographics I want them to point to.

Let this serve as a quick reminder to you — it’s a great idea to routinely go through your website, blog, and other business handouts (whatever materials you may use on a regular basis) to check all of the links.

If you’ve changed the name of your Instagram account, or created a new LinkedIn profile, or changed the name of your Facebook Fan page — you need to make sure those changes are reflected in all of the marketing materials you have. This goes for both print and digital references to those URLs.

It’s also a good idea to routinely go through your blog posts to see if you’re referencing any dead links there. Not only is it bad for your image, it’s also bad for SEO.

You#d be surprised how quickly pages disappear from websites, or URLs change. Many times you can find the same material on another page of the website. Sometimes, it’s gone forever.

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